Hope you had plenty of practice combining galactic signatures from the last lesson. If you really got into it you might have found yourself pretty deep down the proverbial rabbit hole (in a good way!). Next is:

Way #3: Tune in to the planet


But if you're feeling crafty and want to make one yourself, here are the coordinates to use:

North Pole Region:
60 degrees north—15 degrees west—sun
60 degrees north—75 degrees east—serpent
60 degrees north—165 degrees east—dog
60 degrees north—105 degrees west—eagle

North Temperate Region:
30 degrees north—30 degrees east—dragon
30 degrees north—120 degrees east—worldbridger
30 degrees north—150 degrees west—monkey
30 degrees north—60 degrees west—warrior

Equatorial Region:
Equator—15 degrees west—earth
Equator—75 degrees east—wind
Equator—165 degrees east—hand
Equator—105 degrees west—human

South Temperate Region:
30 degrees south—30 degrees east—mirror
30 degrees south—120 degrees east—night
30 degrees south—150 degrees west—star
30 degrees south—60 degrees west—skywalker

South Polar Region:
60 degrees south—15 degrees west—wizard
60 degrees south—75 degrees east—storm
60 degrees south—165degrees east—seed
60 degrees south—105 degrees west—moon

Planet map coordinates from Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 (c) Arguelles

Well, hello! Yes, I'm here again to encourage you to DO this exercise. Make a map, or study the map. Find your signature on the map, or find the signature of TODAY on the map - explore it!