Way #3: Tune in to the planet


But if you're feeling crafty and want to make one yourself, here are the coordinates to use:

North Pole Region:
60 degrees north—15 degrees west—sun
60 degrees north—75 degrees east—serpent
60 degrees north—165 degrees east—dog
60 degrees north—105 degrees west—eagle

North Temperate Region:
30 degrees north—30 degrees east—dragon
30 degrees north—120 degrees east—worldbridger
30 degrees north—150 degrees west—monkey
30 degrees north—60 degrees west—warrior

Equatorial Region:
Equator—15 degrees west—earth
Equator—75 degrees east—wind
Equator—165 degrees east—hand
Equator—105 degrees west—human

South Temperate Region:
30 degrees south—30 degrees east—mirror
30 degrees south—120 degrees east—night
30 degrees south—150 degrees west—star
30 degrees south—60 degrees west—skywalker

South Polar Region:
60 degrees south—15 degrees west—wizard
60 degrees south—75 degrees east—storm
60 degrees south—165degrees east—seed
60 degrees south—105 degrees west—moon

Planet map coordinates from Dreamspell: Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 (c) Arguelles

Well, hello! Yes, I'm here again to encourage you to DO this exercise. Make a map, or study the map. Find your signature on the map, or find the signature of TODAY on the map - explore it!

See you tomorrow :)